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If you found this small, obscure NBA betting blog and are serious about sports investing, you’re in luck. Subscribe to my betting systems, and you will win long-term—simple as that.

My Story

Tips NBA is my name and busting bookies is my game! In all seriousness, I am a full-time educator, family man, and semi-professional bettor. One thing I am not is a sleazy salesman or pick-hocker. I’m a PhD researcher, analyst, numbers-cruncher, and former collegiate athlete turned nerd.

Sports handicapping has been a primary interest of mine (and briefly a career) for more than two decades, and I’ve proven a plus-EV bettor over the last several years. Research shows that roughly two percent of recreational sports investors can claim this after 10,000 plays. It took plenty of trial and error, and some hard lessons to turn profitable. Nonetheless, life circumstances and a series of low limits, locked accounts, no pays, and bans by online sportsbooks and local bookies made full-time gambling a chore. Consider this retribution.

My Approach

To win at sports betting long-term, you need systems. I don’t mean implementing some money-management gimmicks or streak trends, but situational handicapping incorporating strategic modeling, current market data, and historical results. The betting market is incredibly efficient and very tough to beat over time. I follow a handful of originally researched, time-tested betting conditions that return 55- to 60-percent winners against the spread each season. My NBA best bets the last three years are off-the-charts profitable:

2017: 130-83-5 (61 percent)
2016: 104-70-5 (59.7 percent)
2015: 74-36-5 (67 percent)

Don’t believe me? Subscribe and see for yourself. I’m using an independent monitoring service this season for added verification. Nevertheless, I want you to cash in now. Here’s the deal.

Tips NBA Best Bets
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My Offer

Pay $35 for 30-day access to my NBA picks spreadsheet. If the selections fail to profit after one month of your initial payment, you get the rest of the 2018-19 season through the playoffs free! There are losing months, but rarely a losing season. It’s really a no-brainer to give the picks a try. The onus is on the conditions to profit. If contrarian, fade the plays and see where your bankroll ends up—but I advise against.

Since I’m unveiling this service fresh for the 2018-19 season, returning subscribers will pay only $20 a month after the first installment. If at any point in the season the systems fail to profit after 30 days from your current payment, you are eligible to access picks for the rest of the season free of charge. What do you have to lose?

What to Expect

Picks are typically provided a day in advance, but sometimes 5-6 hours prior to tipoff because of market availability. Subscribers will be emailed when new plays become available, and the website promptly updated. Between 25-45 picks per month is the norm. Spread bets will comprise roughly 60 percent of plays, while the rest is filled by over/under wagers. I advise using the Kelly Criterion to maximize one’s stakes, or flat betting. Stay away from wagering tricks! Contact me via email with any questions at any time. Let’s cash!